Chocolate Swiss Rolls

Chocolate Swiss Rolls Gluten-Free   Swiss rolls may be one of my favorite treats, but we all know the prepackaged, preservative-filled swiss rolls you can pick up at the grocery store isn’t the... Read More

Mocha Mint Chip Cake

Mocha Mint Chip Cake Vegan & Gluten-Free   After discovering the new Califia almond milk holiday cold brew, I knew I needed to create a dessert that featured it! I hope you enjoy this delicio... Read More

Eggnog Latte Cake

Eggnog Latte Cake Gluten-Free   The cool weather has come here in Florida (FINALLY!) and something else amazing has happened….eggnog has returned to the stores. So with the joy of cooler days and t... Read More

Classic Banana Cake

Classic Banana Cake Gluten-Free   Sometime you just need a slice of something classic! Since I happened to have three ripe bananas sitting around, just begging to be used, I decided to recreate one o... Read More