What Is a Healthy Lifestyle?

What is a healthy lifestyle? To be honest, that is a question that could be answered very passionately in many different ways. Some would quickly answer, “A vegetarian lifestyle is the healthiest lifestyle!”, while others would jump to answering, “Gluten-free!”, while an ever-growing number of people might even shout out, “PALEO!”

We know that in a theoretically perfect world, on average the optimum healthy lifestyle would have a balance of healthy fruits and vegetables, along with good fats, plenty of protein, and HEALTHY, complex carbohydrates.

Did you notice what I listed first thing in my perfect world situation? Fruits and vegetables!  Right now, I can hear the vegans and vegetarians slowly cackling, thinking I’m pointing to their lifestyle as the ideal diet. But that’s not what I was implying, and personally I don’t follow a vegan or vegetarian diet. Sadly, a lot of the food consumed by vegans and vegetarians as substitutes for meat, cheese, and other dairy can be full of highly estrogenic soy bi-products or even worse processed ingredients. Now, I’m not trying to dampen the mood or put down veganism or vegetarianism. If someone chooses that lifestyle for ethical or personal health reasons, then go right ahead. But I do believe people need to be aware of the other possible issues that can arise from eating the processed, soy-rich foods that those diets can offer.

To get back on track, what I was starting to point out is that regardless of the lifestyle you decide to lead, the main thing that should be on the top of your food pyramid is, like our moms always told us, fruits and vegetables! But do you know how hard that can be? I mean, I love my fruits and veggies, but to get the amount that should ideally be consumed for optimum health, you would be eating fresh fruits and veggies night and day, day and night. Who is really doing that every day?! Oh! That’s right, the vegans and vegetarians. But I have some sad news for them as well: the nutrient profile in our fresh fruits and vegetables has been greatly diminished. In recent years especially, because of over-farming, topsoil erosion, and soil degradation, we no longer get the same vitamin and mineral nutrient profile our ancestors could easily rely on obtaining from a bowl of salad or even a simple apple.

This is why, in my opinion, no matter which lifestyle you choose to follow, everyone should consider a juiced greens supplement for a daily health boost. Most greens products you’ll find will be rich in nutrients such as kamut, spirulina, chlorella, barley, and blue-green algae. But some of the more elite formulas will provide not only those staple nutrients, but in addition to those core nutrients, will also have fruits, vegetables, enzymes, and probiotics. As with most things in life, people have their favorites and when it comes to greens…yes, I have a personal favorite and that would be Green Vibrance. The great thing about Green Vibrance, is this little gem provides you with over 70 juiced green nutrients to support liver health, cellular energy, digestion support, and detoxification.

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On an ending note, another reason I really try to encourage the use of juiced greens is because, even if you believe you consume a healthy amount of your daily needs of fruits and veggies, are you really getting the variety of  nutrients you need for the best health? People can’t just stop in at their local supermarket and purchase spirulina and chlorella to add to their salad, so we need to look at supplements if we really want to diversify our nutrition.

So what is a healthy lifestyle? To be honest, a healthy lifestyle really comes down to you and why you choose to eat and live the way you do. Someone could be gluten-free because of their own health restrictions, but still be one of the unhealthiest eaters out there. Others might be vegan for ethical or moral concerns, but still be consuming too many processed foods. So instead of saying there is only one way to lead a healthy lifestyle, let’s encourage a healthier way of eating and living based on how our lifestyle makes us feel. Do we wake up feeling great and energized to take on the day? Or do we wake up feeling run down and bloated, wanting to crawl back under the covers? These are the signs we need to pay attention to…our body’s way of telling us our lifestyle is either supporting us in a positive way, or pulling us down in a negative way.

-Brian Mosser


*All opinions stated are my own and I have not received any compensation from Green Vibrance.  Consult with your doctor before taking any supplements or changing your diet.

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