Nature’s Whisk Cookie Mix Review

Nature’s Whisk Cookie Mix Review

Delectably Different Kitchen Product Review


Just recently, Nature’s Whisk reached out to me via Instagram, to offer me a few of their mixes so I could do a product review. I happily accepted, although I wasn’t really sure what I was getting myself into flavor-wise.

If you are an “eye appeal is buy appeal” type of person (like I can be!) then you could easily overlook the packaging of Nature’s Whisk. Opting for a less-than-glamorous, simple brown paper package with a plain label, their look could be sadly overshadowed by other companies who focus more on the glitz and glamour of marketing.

nature's whisk double chocolate chip cookie mix review product delectably different kitchen

Now, getting past the packaging side of things, I will move on to how easy it is to whip these paleo and vegan cookies up! Simply preheat your oven, then stir the coconut oil, your choice of milk, and the cookie mix all together. Wait 10 minutes to allow the cookie dough to thicken, then roll into balls and place onto a greased or lined cookie sheet and bake…like I said, super easy to whip together!

nature's whisk cookie mix review dough paleo vegan

Now comes the true test to any  food review: did they taste good? My answer to that is YES…YES …YES!!! I am being completely honest here. I was shocked by how delicious these cookies were. Being a true chocolate addict, I of course chose to bake the double chocolate chip first (though now I’m excited to try their other two mixes). There was such a delicious balance of flavor and savory sweetness. I have to say that if you haven’t discover this little gem of a company, then you need to try them out. You really can’t go wrong.


-Clean ingredients

-Friendly to most diets


-Easy to make


The only downside I can really come up with, other than needing to possibly consider more competitive packaging, is that like most alternative flour cookies, these also seem to lean towards the slightly crumbly side. This could cause a problem for some of the more picky consumers out there. But for me, I say bring me a spoon, bowl, and milk and I’ll end my day with a bowl of vegan/paleo cookie cereal!  They are that good.

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