Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Brownie Mix

So, we all know how I feel about using pre-made mixes right? Well, if you don’t then allow me to remind you…. I’m a FROM SCRATCH kind of baker! It blows my mind at times when I go onto YouTube to support my fellow bakers, then find myself quickly clicking to the next video because I see someone saying they’re going to show you how to make the best gluten-free baked goods, but in reality what you’re watching is someone opening a bag, stirring in eggs, a splash of oil, and popping them in the oven.
Whew….now that I have that off my chest, I can also add, I understand why pre-made mixes are necessary as well. Sometimes you just don’t have the time, energy, or experience to whip up something from scratch. But I believe even when we need to use mixes, we should be sure to use only clean and delicious mixes made by trustworthy companies.

So with that being said, I happened to go into the kitchen this week with the intention of whipping up a pan of delicious homemade brownies for some guests. But then I decided, why not experiment and use my friends as a test group for one of the few pre-made mixes I had at the house? After simply opening a bag, cracking three eggs, and stirring in a half cup of butter, I had the batter for brownies done! If I had been making it from scratch, I would have still been sifting several types of flour together!

bob's red mill gluten free baking mix chocolate fudgy brownies
About Bob’s Red Mill Brownie Mix…well to start, the batter mixes up easily and I liked the fact they actually tell you on the package to use butter, which is my fat of choice when I’m not baking vegan. Now, as a side note, if you are wanting to find a mix and instructions on how to make brownies vegan, I’d say you could use this brownie mix and just substitute the eggs for three-quarter cup of pumpkin puree and switch out the butter for half cup of melted coconut oil.
One addition I did make, was adding in one tablespoon of vanilla extract. I’ve found from using other gluten-free mixes in the past that they usually need a splash of extra flavor.
I knew I wanted a thick, gooey brownie, so I decided to use an 8×8 pan to bake these in, rather than the 9×9 the package suggests. After pouring my batter into the pan, I popped them into the oven and set the timer for the suggested time. Now, when it comes to ovens, I am a firm believer that no two ovens actually bake at the exact same temperature…truly! My oven has a tendency to get things done faster than the average oven, but even after making the adjustment for the longer bake time for the smaller pan, the brownies still weren’t done…10 minutes later…5 more minutes and finally, they were the consistency I like in a brownie. So, a note to readers: if you do use this mix (which overall I am VERY happy with), set your timers for the suggested time, but plan on needing to bake them longer.

bob's red mill brownie mix completed baked gluten-free brownies
So what did my guests have to say?
Overall, they LOVED them! Most of them didn’t even peg these for being gluten-free. I did have one guest who, after finding out they were gluten-free, said he thought it tasted a little like one of his protein bars. But it’s a really good protein bar that is one of his favorites.
What’s my verdict on Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Brownie Mix? I have to say I’m giving this mix a big thumbs up! The texture was spot on, the fudgy-ness was there, and best of all, they weren’t falling apart or too dry like I’ve experienced with other companies.
If you follow me and my blog, you already know I generally don’t make just a basic brownie. So even though I let my guests try the brownies plain, I then served them with my hibiscus cream and caramel drizzled atop Bob’s Red Mill Brownies!

bob's red mill gluten-free brownies baking mix
So, if you give this mix a try and make your own alterations to it, leave me a comment below and share your unique creation!

Also, we want to know what you’re interested in! Want me to keep an eye out for the new IT alternative ice cream? How about the best gluten-free cereal? I’m here to help, but help me help you, people. 😉 I’d love to know better what you’re looking for, so I can do more reviews for you!

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  1. I love Bob’s Red Mill products, but I have never tried the brownie mix. I’m glad to see it got good reviews, I can’t wait to try it now!

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